Once upon a blue moose

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ISBN-10: 0440420830
ISBN-13: 9780440420835
Goodreads: 63319

Author(s): Publisher: Yearling Books
Published: 3/14/2006

Once upon a blue moose, there was a little restaurant at the edge of the big woods. Mr. Breton was happy running the restaurant. He liked to cook, but he didn't like it much when winter came and the north wind blew and froze everything solid.
Then one day a blue moose, who also didn't like the cold, came to his door and asked to come in. Mr. Breton said sure, and served the moose some clam chowder. The moose liked the soup, and decided to stay. From that time on, things at the restaurant began to hum.
Join the Blue Moose in this hilarious collection of three short novels as he learns to wait tables, writes a novel, goes to Hollywood, solves a mystery, and makes you laugh even in the dark of the cold woods.
Includes new wacky but true moose facts!
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