Looking for Bobowicz : a Hoboken Chicken Story

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3.9 rating based on 240 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 0060535547
ISBN-13: 9780060535544
Goodreads: 1676362

Author(s): Publisher: Harpercoll
Published: 5/25/2004

When Nick moved from the leafy suburbs to muggy, urban Hoboken and his bike was stolen, he wasn't pleased.

Then he founda place where he could listen to pirate radio friends with a stack of Classics Comicsnewspaper reports about a kid named Arthur Bobowicz and a 266-pound chicken named Henriettathe secret entrance to Sibyl's Cave and much, much more, all of it practically true.

Get an ice-cold Dr. Pedwee's grape soda and prepare to enjoy this Pinkwater Special, complete with saucy dialogue, snarky wordplay, more than a few red herrings, and one bowl of disgusting oyster stew.
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