Big Bob and the Halloween Potatoes

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3.1 rating based on 12 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 0439042429
ISBN-13: 9780439042420
Goodreads: 354454

Author(s): Publisher: Cartwheel
Published: 9/1/2002

Big Bob and Big Gloria are back in this totally a-peel-ing easy-to-read story!

Mr. Salami, formerly a cowboy, announces to his second-grade class that they will be cutting out pumpkins to decorate the classroom for Halloween. Big Gloria objects, declaring the potato as the preferred emblem over the pumpkin. But Mr. Salami stands his ground. Pumpkins, not potatoes. Big Gloria is resourceful, however, and she finds a way to celebrate Halloween with pumpkins AND potatoes! HA!
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