Bad bears and a bunny : an Irving and Muktuk story

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3.6 rating based on 72 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 0618339264
ISBN-13: 9780618339266
Goodreads: 644116

Author(s): Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company
Published: 4/4/2005

Irving and Muktuk are polar bears in the Bayonne, New Jersey, zoo. They wish they had privileges like their polar bear friend Roy, who goes home every night at six o clock. But they are known as bad bears. The Zoo Director thinks Irving and Muktuk are not to be trusted.
One morning a small white bunny shows up, eating grass at the edge of the polar bear enclosure. Irving and Muktuk aren t sure what to make of it. They don t know how to behave. They make the bunny mad. Trouble is brewing at the zoo.
When their friend Roy invites them to a party at a fancy hotel, Irving and Muktuk are asked to behave themselves. They assure Roy that they can be trusted. But trust doesn t come easily, and when the bears arrive at the party, they are soon put to the test."
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