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  • Who puts this thing together?
    • Ed Weiss, webmaster of, hosts and produces the Pinkwater Podcast from his underground lair in Ontario, with the support of Daniel Pinkwater and many cups of herbal tea.

  • What will I hear on the podcast?
    • Generally, 10-15 minutes of readings by Daniel Pinkwater, some great music, and a rotating feature (in the past we've had trivia contests, interviews, skits, and other fun things).

  • And it's free?
    • Yup, you're free to download the podcasts and audio files and share them your friends, enemies, and others whom you think would enjoy listening to the dulcet tones of Weiss and Pinkwater. Just make sure to abide by the Creative Commons license.

  • What's a Creative Commons license?
    • It means all the things you can hear or downloaded on this site are not copyrighted in the traditional sense. Instead, we've opted for a Creative Commons by-nc-nd license, which means that you're free to 'copy, distribute, and transmit' our files, as long as you supply proper attribution (a link to the Pinkwater Podcast will do), don't use the files for any commercial purposes (don't go burning these to CDs and selling them out of the back of your car!), and don't change the works in any way, no matter how much you don't care for the bad jokes.

  • Where do all these recordings come from?
    • They're taken from a variety of source, including out-of-production cassette tapes, DAT tapes from Chinwag Theater (Daniel's old radio program), and new recordings done specifically for the podcast.

  • What software do you use to create the podcast?
  • What was that funky music I heard on the show last week?
    • You can get a complete rundown of the readings and music on each show by clicking on the "Show details" link associated with each episode of the podcast.

Please address any further inquiries to Webmaster Ed using our contact form, or sending an email to podcast (@)