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And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Prepare thyself to meet the noble visage behind the voice and the books, plus other members of the Pinkwater household. Click on a thumbnail to load the larger version of the photo.

6 comments on “Photo gallery

  1. David Jacobowitz on said:

    My brother got a negative scanner and sent me a scan of Pinkwater in his sculpture studio at Bard in about 1962. Wanna see?


  2. Virgil Kay on said:

    Do you have any of your old glasses from your childhood?

  3. yesenia garcia on said:

    how do you find out what to write/draw in your books? i forgot if you wrote or your wife did and i don’t know if this i realy you so if this is PLEASE write back PLEASE.

  4. Judy Scrafford (Stupar) on said:

    Manus!!! I cannot believe you don’t have a picture of you as Uncle Otto.
    Do you remember me? I played Cheena of the Jungle and was the Garf puppet on “The Magic Toyshop”. You used to call me and tell me about the aliens you saw coming from the Lake. I thought you were strange but you always made me laugh. So happy to see what a successful writer you have become.
    Wish they had some old footage of our tv show. I tried finding some to no avail.
    email me.

  5. I have enjoyed your sessions with Scott Simon for years, especially the one about all dogs being able to read, Lulu chiming in with her own “comments”, and Lulu and Maxine going “skunking”. I saved the audio from a few of these NPR sessions before discovering that you post them on your website.

    I just rediscovered your revised website, and think the photo gallery is a great idea. You resemble my “Uncle” Irving, who would be about 114 today if he hadn’t died 40 years ago. He and Aunt Jean moved from Flushing to Ghent when they were in their sixties. Maybe you know where that is. (c:

    My only criticism is the page in which you voiced your political belief. I’m not at all surprised, but, just feel that it spoiled the image of you as a children’s author. Uncle Irv was a “dyed in the wool” Democrat, too. (Personally, I do not like either candidate, and may choose to skip this election for the first time since I became eligible to vote – 21 in those days – in 1953.)

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