New release of Cloud Horse ebook – free for two days!

Posted on November 1, 2012 at 6:41 pm

From Daniel’s agent, Jennifer Laughran:

Jill Pinkwater’s classic CLOUD HORSE is finally available as an ebook – and for the next two days, it is FREE.

If this one is a success, you’ll see more of those hard-to-find out of print Pinkwater books to come – so by all means, download! Share! Review! “Like”! And if you want to let me know which books by Daniel or Jill you’d like to see come back next, comment on this post.

Here’s the link: Cloud Horse ebook

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  1. Wuggie Norple

  2. Wuggie Norple Wuggie Norple

  3. I’m sure a lot of people would like to see “The Wuggie Norple Story” come back next/soon. I know I would!

  4. I crave having Chicago Fish, Hoboken Whistle (or is it the other way around?) in ebook.

  5. This is great news! I’d love to see some of the early picture books come back: Magic Camera, Devil in the Drain, Ducks…

    I’d also (ahem) like to see the conclusion to the Dada Ducks in College.

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