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How Daniel Pinkwater became my personal guru

October 6, 2014

From The Jewish Daily Forward:

Daniel Pinkwater, 72, is a onetime Fumetti model, an art therapy school dropout, a former Zen Buddhist, a former cult member, a former NPR commentator, a former sculptor, the alleged destructor of Harvey Kurtzman’s Help! Magazine, a gentleman farmer, a decent chess player, a bad minder of friends’ girlfriends, a surrealist, a bohemian, and an old schoolmate of Errol Flynn’s son. He looks like a bald Allan Sherman, if that means anything to you. (It doesn’t mean much to him. “I do remember Alan Sherman. Mildly amusing,” he told me.) His father was a Jewish gangster from Warsaw, about his mother he has mostly bad things to say, his wife Jill Pinkwater is a writer, and he has the greatest radio voice you’ve ever heard, Carl Kasell included.

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Dog essays on the Bob Edwards Show

August 5, 2014

Daniel has recently been reading some of his classic dog essays on SiriusXM’s The Bob Edwards Show. Want to read the text or hear them again? You’ve got options!

A new interview with Daniel Pinkwater

October 12, 2013

Interviewer Don Merrill spoke with Daniel recently about books, current affairs, and other illuminating matters. Read his blog post about the interview, or listen to the interview on SoundCloud.

DP on CarTalk

September 4, 2013

cartalkCheck out Daniel’s latest piece for CarTalk, entitled Kidnapped

DP on the Bob Edwards Show

July 14, 2013

BobEdwards2009[1]Daniel will be on the Bob Edwards Show on Tuesday, July 16 to talk about a new children’s book by Chris Raschka. Stay tuned to SiriusXM Radio on Tuesday for the full interview!

More DP on CarTalk

June 14, 2013

cartalkCheck out Daniel’s latest piece for CarTalk, entitled It’s a Doozy!

CarTalk, Chinese food, and Neil Gaiman, oh my!

April 4, 2013
  • DP’s third new CarTalk commentary, Horsepower, is now online. Check it out at the CarTalk website.
  • What happens when you mix Daniel Pinkwater, Neil Gaiman, and Chinese food? Find out!

DP returns to CarTalk!

March 5, 2013

cartalkDaniel makes a triumphant return to grace the CarTalk website with a series of commentaries. The first instalment: The Goddess, a tale of love and French cars.

Update: Part two, Lawrence of the Bronx, is now online.

DP on The Bob Edwards Show

February 11, 2013

bigcrowboyDaniel appeared today on The Bob Edwards Show to discuss two books, new and old, about crows.

Film version of “The Neddiad”

August 5, 2012

From reader Michael Ash:

“For the past four summers, accomplished
amateur filmmaker Tom Barker has led a group of roughly twelve children, now aged 7 to 13, on a weeklong exploration of the art of filmmaking, from flipbooks and stop-action animation through storyboarding and acting to green screens and special effects.

This summer the older children (the “Green Team“) made a film adaption of their favorite novel, The Neddiad. Producer Tom (a.k.a. Grandpa Tom) was charmed by Ned’s reminiscences from the late 40’s and early 50’s and a chance to put his model trains in a movie. I’m one of the parents and grew up on Aldine Street, around 300m from Nettelhorst School, and my grandmother lived at 433 West Roscoe St. So the book holds special resonances for many of us.”

Have a look at the finished product right here.