About the Pinkwaters

About Daniel:

Daniel Pinkwater is, in brief, the author and sometimes illustrator of over 80 (and counting) wildly popular books. He is also an occasional commentator on National Public Radio’s All Thing Considered and appears regularly on Weekend Edition Saturday, where he reviews exceptional kids’ books with host Scott Simon. Said books usually go on to become best-selling classics.

Daniel also contributes to Wondertime, and has in the past been spotted on the pages of the New York Times Magazine, OMNI, and many other fine publications.

In collaboration with Tony Auth, Daniel wrote an unfortunately short-lived comic strip, NORB, which was critically acclaimed by Jules Feiffer and Chaim Potok, and no one else. (It was really good, though.)

A not uninformative biography can be accessed right here, and a similarly fine essay written by authentic Pinkwater Historian and real-world professor, Walter Hogan, can be found here.

For a basic kid-friendly biography and lots of colourful pictures of a youthful Pinkwater, try Meet Daniel Pinkwater, by Alice McGinty. For a more in-depth analysis of Daniel’s life and work, you could do worse than to consult Walter Hogan’s fine author study, The Agony and the Eggplant: Daniel Pinkwater’s heroic struggles in the name of YA literature.

Daniel’s agent is Jennifer Laughran of the Andrea Brown Literary agency. Interested parties can contact her here.

Daniel Pinkwater is _not_ Dav Pilkey. Probably, anyway.

About Jill:

Jill Pinkwater is an award-winning author and illustrator who has collaborated with Daniel on many fine books, many of which feature polar bears and other noble creatures. They’ve also worked together on “Superpuppy,” the world’s best guide to owning and caring for a canine companion.

Comprising the collection of much-loved novels Jill has written are Cloud Horse, The disappearance of Sister Perfect, Buffalo Brenda, Tails of the Bronx, and Mr. Fred.

Jill, Daniel, and Lulu Pinkwater
Photo copyright © 2000 Kathy McLaughlin
Not yours. Don’t steal it.

10 comments on “About the Pinkwaters

  1. Daniel Schell on said:

    Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

    My personal introduction to you was via an episodic autobiographical story you read on NPR’s All Things Considered that ran over the course of a week and a half in 1987-88 or so. It was the story of your journey from artful adolescent to college student to struggling sculptor (under “Navin Diebold”) to being told, finally, that you were going to be an author.

    “Fly, Fly, Birdie. Out of the nest.”

    I had record all but one of the series on cassette, and I would listen to it QUITE often – until the tape broke, and I spliced it back together with cellotape.

    I have since lost this battered recording. I want my kids to hear it, and I want to hear it again, though I can still hear your voice in my head, and can speak it nearly verbatim without much effort or error (I think).

    Daniel, Please Please Please make these episodes of the “Making of an Artist” available — on CD, iTunes, an NPR subscriber thank you gift… SOMETHING!

    Sir, I Beg You.

    Humbly Yours,

    Daniel Schell
    Buffalo, NY

  2. Stacy Becker on said:

    My 7 year old daughter, Emma Becker, wrote you a letter where can we send it to or email it as an attachment.
    Thank you
    Stacy Becker

    • webmastered on said:

      Hi Stacy,

      If you have a look at the bottom of the page, there’s a link under “How to get in touch” for “Autographs and other postal items.” You can use that address.


      Webmaster Ed

  3. Robert Stull on said:

    I listen to Radio Mozart regularly. Is that not your voice that I hear once in a while?

    If so, thanks for your presence there.

  4. Wanda Conn on said:

    I am A 53 year old female who just finished Cloud Horse I enjoyed it I would enjoy more horse/animal books but I am horse crazy and have been science I was about 3yrs old have owned horses on and off science I was 17 I realey love horses and Chihuahuas I currently own 5 Chihuahuas sorry to say no horses at this time so I emurse myself in any horse book I can find

    Sincerely, Wanda. Conn

    • Brenda on said:

      Dear Mr. Pinkwater,
      “The Terrible Roar” was our son’s first and favorite book. The first time he laughed out loud was when I roared like the lion. That was 37 years ago. Somewhere, somehow that used book was been lost. We have looked everywhere to purchase a copy of this book for our first grandson. But it does not seem possible. We just wanted to thank you all these years later – for that first laugh – and now that very pleasant memory.

  5. Jeannine Mallory on said:

    After spending an entire afternoon in search of my old friend “D Pinkwater,” here you are! When did we start communicating via computer? Perhaps 1989-ish? How goes life on the Pinkwater estate?

    SO SORRY you’re not on Twitter. I have fun with it. Hope all is well with you. Your early books are selling at “collectible” prices in my local book store.

    I’m busy with ghostwriting, editing, and word accessories.
    Drop a line — or better yet: GET ACTIVE on Twitter!

  6. I loved the Ford Commercials in the 90′s. I fondly remember hearing them during the Steelers games. My favorite was when aliens abducted you.
    Is there a recording of that anywhere?

  7. Trevor Shearing on said:

    thank u for your pleasent interlude on mozart radio have tinitus an the music helps me keep up the good work

  8. Olaf abeln on said:

    I like Radio Mozart, hearing every day. Thank you for this program.
    But I mis some famous sceneries of Mozart operas, one short part of Don Giovanni is always interruped.

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