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February 21, 2015

Hi Daniel,

I am currently doing some research on Bushman and cannot believe all of the wonderful things I'm finding. One thing I'm stuck on is that I cannot find any information on The Bushman Society that formed after his death. By chance, when you were writing Bushman Lives! were you able to find anything out about them? In 1985 they held a memorial for the 35th anniversary of his death were folks recorded their memories of Bushman. This is the jewel I'm seeking. I'd love to be able to listen. Any leads you have would be very much appreciated.

fellow Bushman admirer,

Lucas Sifuente

Daniel replies:

I regret I did not come across anything about the Bushman Society, and have no leads to share with you. I'd love to know why you're researching this outstanding ape, and see what you've found. Bushman lives!


February 14, 2015

Hi Mr Pinkwater,
Do you sell any prints of your art from The Big Orange Splot? I'd love to put some up in my house, Mr. Plumbean is a very fond memory from my childhood.

Daniel replies:

It's a good idea, but no, I don't. I believe the book is in print, and in inexpensive editions, also available used. You might consider taking apart a copy and matting and framing pages. I'm so pleased you like the book.

Assad Hafeez

February 9, 2015

"ABC Piano!" That is all I wanted to say. Love your online music station.

Daniel replies:

It's not my station--but it's my privilege to read a few announcements. Thanks for listening, and thanks for letting us know you enjoy it!

Joel Muraoka

February 5, 2015

In 2008, I was cooking dinner in my apartment in Tokyo when I heard you on NPR explaining cheap online eyeglasses.
I have since ordered more than fifty pairs for family and friends from Zenni, particularly for those without eyeglass coverage. Thank you! This has saved them more than $10,000.
I recently read about organizations giving prescription glasses to children in Africa for $1, and it made me tear right up. I thought about your story, and I think about it every time I order glasses for my aunts and uncles. "…for the growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts…" and your effects are incalculably diffusive, Mr. Pinkwater.

Daniel replies:

Thanks for the obscure quote. Yes, I said that about cheap online eyeglasses. Some optometrists and opticians took violent exception, claiming that I was dismissing their important professional services...which I was not. I was dismissing punishing markups at big chain optical shops in malls, whose product is no better than Zenni's. It's nice when technology brings about actual improvements in people's lives.

Brad Sondahl

January 24, 2015

I had a waking dream this morning that reminded me of you. My wife and I were on a bus tour of some exotic place like Kabul, but obviously not Kabul. The bus went by a mountain called the sleeping prophet whose outline looked like a sleeping prophet, only the locals had painted up the rocks in a cheesy manner to make the resemblance more obvious. Then the bus stopped for a local ritual, where they brought out a 25 foot potato pancake steaming hot, propped up off the ground on little toothpicks, and the faithful ecstatically danced on the hot pancake ripping out bits to eat and neither burned their feet nor got poked by the toothpicks. So why did I think of you? Potato pancakes…

Daniel replies:

I hope you are aware that some would be deeply offended by your depiction of people behaving disrespectfully to a potato pancake.

Richard Levy

January 18, 2015

I happened upon your site because I was remembering my days at Nettlehorst and the gyp joint. You mentioned them in an article 3 years ago about Mr. Richman. I cannot describe the place other than to say the candy was stacked to the ceiling and aisles barely wide enough for a skinny 9 year old. I miss it, along with the Corned Beef Center, Clayton's Shoes, Simon's Drug Store and Dews Hardware. A small town in the big city. Richard levy

Daniel replies:

I remember all the places you mention except The Corned Beef Center. How could I possibly not remember a place called that?

Patrick Kramer

January 15, 2015

Hi Daniel
Just checking in to say thanks for your fine web site, insight, and to say you are out a site! Love hearing that FM voice on my ride to work listening to RADIO MOZART! Wish I had one, onehundredth of your brain! Please live forever.

Daniel replies:

I wish I had one-hundredth of a brain. However, I am gratified that you're enjoying what I'm able to do with the bit I've got. Thanks for not mentioning the creepy commercials on Radio Mozart--I understand they are only heard in the US.


January 15, 2015

Hi Mr. Pinkwater,
Are you a watcher of the BBC "Sherlock" series shown in the states on PBS? In their modern-day re-telling of the Holmes stories, they put out this little mini-episode (linked below) to be shown after Holmes' "death" episode, and preceding his return. I especially like the first minute of it, set in what looks like a Buddhist monastary, perhaps near the border of Nepal and Tibet. There doesn't seem to be any sign of a particular gurkha physician in their footage, but I suppose he may not as yet have been introduced to the funny foreigner at the time of the filming. Seriously, your "Gurkha Physician" short story is hand-down one of my favorite tidbits of literature, I re-listen to that podcast episode frequently. Thanks for sharing it with your audience!

Daniel replies:

My friends would tell you that I am practically without ego, if I had any friends. So it is up to me to tell you that I do not mind that the producers of Sherlock abstracted elements from my work, any more than I minded when Sir Arthur, used mediums to acquire much of the Sherlock Holmes canon from my then yet-to-be-written Shloime Hockman detective stories thus rendering them unpublishable as apparent plagiarisms. Pangdatsang Gompa is not shown in the TV series because they fear legal action from a living author. But I am bigger than that.

Nicholas Clark

January 15, 2015

Hi Mr. Pinkwater!

I'm a huge fan of your work. When I set about composing my first novel, I found myself setting it in a fictionalized analogue of Chicago and surrounds. My instinct was to borrow the wonderful geography of The Snarkout Boys, Lizard Music, et al.

Would it bother you if someone else composed a novel – with a voice that makes no attempt to resemble yours and a style decidedly more adult than that of say the Snarkout Boys books that took place in Baconburg, Hogboro and McDonaldsville? If not, would additional geography such as Puggle State University (an amalgam of Northwestern, Purdue, Penn State and Rutgers) and Igor Capri Gardens (a housing project referencing well known midwestern projects like Cabrini-Green, Pruitt Igoe and DC examples I'm more familiar with like Potomac Gardens and Barry Farms) be tolerable additions?

Many thanks for the hours upon hours of enjoyment and inspiration you've given me and who knows how many others.


Daniel replies:

I'll tell you what bothers me. How is it that all these writers, many of them really good and/or famous, are more than respectful fans of my work, and I can't get a publisher to consider a novel by me? Picture books, and little chapter ones, yes, I can sell those, thank God, so I'm not starving or anything. But a novel? Gornisht. As to your question, I've never hesitated to help myself to anything I want. It's perfectly likely anything you steal from me has been stolen from someone else, and that someone may well have stolen it. The fact that you feel the need to ask bodes ill for your book. Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

tm rose

January 15, 2015

Not sure if you got prior msg. so here goes X2. Mentioned your past NPR vignette taking the time to savor sunsets(remember that one?) to my 2 kids working in Shanghai when I asked them how the sunsets are out there. When I heard your words it reminded me of the importance of these wondrous wonders. Thanks for being so accessible
Have a nice decade,
Scott btw blue plus red is another color teach. I appeal past failing Sir.

Daniel replies:

Thanks to you for reminding me that I wrote that piece. (I had not forgotten to enjoy sunsets.) For those who never heard or read it, it's about the time I set a task for myself to quietly watch and note a whole sunset every evening without fail for a succession of seasons. I learned a lot.