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jorge luis

April 23, 2014

I really like listening the station, I use to study… hi from Chile….. saludos desde otra galaxia

Daniel replies:

Delighted to have international and intergalactic greetings. Thanks on behalf of the station, also Mozart says hello.

Mel Wang

April 23, 2014

Hi Mr. Daniel Pink water,
I am from Malaysia and just started listening today (21st April 2014 Easter Sunday) to Radio Mozart lovely music indeed and heard your announcement during a break.
I love your web site and lovely dog , will be reading some of your books later.
Kind regards to you and Jill.
Melanie Wang (Ms)

Daniel replies:

Thank you! So many nice people listen to Radio Mozart!

morgan slagle

April 17, 2014

Hey i like your books . I want to get some for my brother to read and i thought you would have some ideas. My bro is 5. he likes the books i read to him that you wrote but he wants some of his own. My brother would really like it if you found some books he would like. PS my brother likes Spider Man and Jake And the Neverland Pirates if you plan to write another book. Thanks! Morgan Slagle

Daniel replies:

Ask someone where the library is, then go there with your brother--he can select books he'd like you to read to him.

Bruce Harris

April 13, 2014

Radio Mozart: I love it, but is there any chance you might intervene on 2 irritants? 1: there is a newish (2 months or so) female voice that sometimes shouts "You are listening to Radio Mozart!". It has to be one of the most aggressive voices I have ever heard in any radio announcement and sounds completely out of place.

2: some pieces of music are cut off midstream no doubt because there is a digital end-of-track marker, even though the integrity of the music is ruined. E.g. the flute quartet where the second movement morphs into the third – we never get to the third. It used to happen with Exulstate jubilate too, but now a different – complete – version seems to be played. These are just two examples of a phenomenon that spoils what is otherwise a blissful experience.

Thanks for listening!


Daniel replies:

You appear to be in the UK, so your ignorance is forgivable, and I will enlighten you. 1. The voice you find aggressive is that of a popular and beloved broadcast professional in the midwestern United States, one Charity Nebbe. She and I used to be on the same program carried nationally on NPR stations--people in the east, where there are still influences from the old country, found her sound took getting used to, but they came adore her, as do her listeners in the state of Iowa. Where you say aggressive, I would say bright, clear, and enthusiastic. Mozart would agree. 2. Radio Mozart is a one-man operation, the creation of Nicolas Goyet, a journalist in Marseilles, France. It's his hobby, although you'll agree he is peerless and surpasses many professionals in selection of performances. Because the station is put together with limited resources, there are some rough edges. But think about this, if you were listening in the US, you would be subjected to the most horrible and annoying commercial announcements, (something to do with his deal with the bandwidth supplier). I note that you characterize listening as a near-blissful experience. Near-blissful is pretty good, wouldn't you say? Keep listening, it may get better.

Kevin Cheek

April 13, 2014

I am drinking Guinness Stout while eating a banana. Ook, ook, Bushman Lives!

Daniel replies:

That's something I could imagine, but would never do. It's a mistake to let fiction prompt you to enact stuff. Read the wrong thing and you can be in terrible trouble.

Kjell Johansen

April 13, 2014

I'm listening to Radio Mozart while writing a report (my home email address is given above). Then you came on and mentioned your website. Your voice is so familiar because of all the times I have heard you on Bob Edward\\\'s talk show (XM Radio) but I never did make the connection to you on Radio Mozart until now. Your voice is the perfect accompaniment to the broadcast.
By the way, for the robot check, what if I were color blind, how would I be expected to know that red blue=purple? Now, about those darn commercials………………….

Daniel replies:

I am told commercials on Radio Mozart are only heard in USA, and (possibly less obnoxious commercials?) in France. If you listen in the rest of the world, it's all good. The day may come when the commercials's something to do with the bandwidth supplier. There are a few other all-Mozart internet stations, I have listened to them, and they do not have the variety and superior performances selected by Nicolas Goyet on Radio Mozart. Thanks for being in touch.


April 9, 2014

Dear Daniel,

My son and I just listened to the podcast episode from last year where you made a few remarks about Internet radio. I suggest you also try out, if you haven't yet. It is somewhat of a cross between Twitter and Internet radio. I just checked, and the only advertisements are visual ones, rather than audio that interrupts the music.

Daniel replies:

A cross between Twitter and internet radio. I am holding out for a cross between internet radio and a cheese danish.


April 3, 2014

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I am currently faced with a choosing between three school for college next year. One is wonderful but very far away. One I am very happy to have been weird enough to get into. Also far away and wonderful. One is the local state university. Weird but a little too close. How did you decide which college to attend?

Young and rebelliously,

Daniel replies:

Why am I all of a sudden a college counselor? OK, I will tell you--basically I had two choices, the local state university, and a college that specialized in creative and arty stuff, and was just coming to the end of a golden period. Naturally I went to that one. (Institutions can change, and while I had a great experience there, by the time I graduated it had become a different school, which might not have suited me as well.) Your concerns, expressed in your post appear to be weirdness, and geography, so you would probably not want to do what I would very likely do if I were applying to college today--spend 2 years at a local junior or community college, saving money, getting requirements out of the way, building a superior record, and then transfer to a university I might not have considered, possibly to study something I might not have known about or thought of when I started. I think higher education in this country needs reform--costs are ridiculous and often the student does not get anything like value for money. If by, "very far away," you mean a college someplace like New Zealand, where you'd get a better educational deal, that might be a cool choice.

Brad Smith

April 3, 2014

Many years ago, a friend of mine lent me 5 Novels when I was having a sad time in my life. I enjoyed the stories a lot, and they really helped as I was getting myself turned back around. They also turned me on to the art of chili making, which subsequently became a significant part of my life!

Recently I came across a copy of Lizard Music, and since I have had a lifelong obsession with lizards, I am very excited to read this book!

Thanks for your writings.

Daniel replies:

Writing a book, I have to say I'm not giving a thought to it being of any use to anyone, or helping anyone feel better. I'm actually having fun putting the thing together, much as someone would have fun cooking or building a birdhouse. Then, years later, someone tells me something I wrote gave them some relief when they were sad, and they learned about something important, like chili-making. Pretty nice.


March 28, 2014

Hello Daniel!

I just discovered your prologue for your new book on Twitter (found out on your website so I looked). I haven't read "Lizard Magic" and "Bushman Lives!" yet and now would like to, inspired by your twitter tidbits. I'm going to contact my library here in Boca and see if they can order them from another library (they do that) and their only copy of "Lizard Magic" is damaged and being repaired.
I want to tell you how much I love your books, my favorite is Beautiful Yetta. I love all the Jewish references in general, all seem to pertain to food mainly, i.e. knishes and kugels. Love that!
My 9yo son loved reading the "Hoboken Chicken Emergency."
The next books my son and I will read of yours are "Guys from space" and "wempires."
If you do publish the "Skolnik Island Beach Club" please make an appearance here in Boca Raton, FL. My son and I would love to meet you.

Daniel replies:

Sometimes I envy readers discovering books of mine. (I'm my favorite writer, is that weird?) If you want to do it right, (and you don't have to), read The Neddiad first, then, The Yggyssey, then Adventures of a Cat Whiskered Girl, and then Bushman Lives! You can read Lizard Music any time. Thanks for the enthusiastic remarks.